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Sunany Upgrades The Touch Screen Monitors

March 20, 2022

Based on market research and technology updates, Sunany is now updating the touch monitors to help our customers win the market. We name the new series touch screen monitor with M10 series and M20 series according to the different stand.

M10 series and M20 series touch screen monitor equip with the capacitive 10 point touch screen. There are 9.7”, 15” and 17.3” these 3 sizes are available for M10 series and M20 series touch screen monitor. The resolution of 9.7 and 15” are both 1024*768 pixels. And 17.3” is a large wide full HD screen with 1920*1080 pixels.

The M10 series and M20 series touch screen monitor come with an aluminum alloy stand, which is strong and safe. Refreshingly, the stand can be dissembled! So, the whole monitor can be packed into a smaller carton and save the client’s freight fee.

The last but most innovative, 15″ model and 17.3″ model adopt a modular design for the card reader. Users can easily install or remove Sunany NFC card reader, magnetic stripe card reader, and i-button on the right side of the screen. Users can adopt the different card readers according to different application scenarios.

Besides being used in POS solutions, M10 series and M20 series touch screen monitors can be also used in advertising displays, industrial sites, medical systems, conference rooms, and so on. Welcome to contact Sunany sales team for an inquiry if you’re interested in.



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