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Sunany Was Invited The 5th China POS Industry Annual Conference

December 31, 2021

On December 24th 2021, the 5th China Poing of Sale Industry Annual Conference hosted by China Point of Sale Machine Network was held in Guangzhou Nanyang Changsheng Hotel. Dozens of well-known leaders of Point of Sale companies came to attend the conference. The president of Sunany Mr. James Lu who also attended this annual conference. The leaders of the Point of Sale industry explored new opportunities for the development of China’s Point of Sale industry in 2022, solved the problems encountered in development in 2021, and promoted the sustainable development of the Point of Sale industry.

Firstly, the organizer Mr. Dai delivered a speech, expressing his welcome and thanks to all the guests for coming, explaining the main content of each part of this conference;

Secondly, each big boss showed a brief introduction and expressed their own unique opinions;

Thirdly, everyone discussed the development trend of the Point of Sale industry in the future, mainly from the following aspects:

1, With the further development of 5G, AI, cloud computing and other technologies, the market of smart Point of Sale equipment has ushered in more development opportunities. How can smart Point of Sale companies rely on 5G, big data, Internet of Things and other technologies to promote the innovative research and development of smart equipment, and create more opportunities and space for the development of the smart Point of Sale industry?

2, What is the future market development trend, prospect and direction of Android Point of Sale?

3, How will small and medium enterprises change their supply methods, reduce costs to distributors, and survive in the cracks?

4, Will the shortage of chips and screens this year recur next year? How can our companies respond to the more complex market environment?

5, In the post-epidemic era, how can companies do well in e-commerce and the international market?

Listen to suggestions, gather wisdom, discuss good strategies, solve problems, and promote development. In the more than 4 hours of discussion, almost each boss of the participating companies expressed their views and opinions, and analyzed the development trend of the Point of sale industry in 2022 and the problems encountered in the development of the Point of sale industry in 2021. The conference will help each person to have a clear understanding of the market development and future development trends of the Point of sale industry in 2022.


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