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Sunany Was Invited The 7th China POS Industry Annual Conference

December 25, 2023

On December 22, 2023, Sunany had the pleasure of participating in the 7th POS Industry Annual Conference, hosted by China POS Machine Network. The conference concluded successfully at the Guangzhou Hotel. This event provided a crucial communication platform for POS software and hardware manufacturers and suppliers nationwide to collectively discuss future development trends in the POS industry.

The event commenced with a speech by Chen Wei, the marketing director of the hosting organization, China POS Network. He extended a warm welcome and expressed gratitude to all attendees, providing insights into the forum’s theme and key discussion directions.

The discussions revolved around several key topics:

1、Addressing industry competition and finding a balance between product pricing, cost-effectiveness, and exploring new markets and opportunities.

2、Overcoming challenges in software system innovation and identifying future directions for software updates and new market opportunities.

3、Strategies for companies to leverage the growing trend of online live broadcast sales models to enhance online sales.

4、Exploring the implications of the rise of smart AI scales on the future of POS equipment.

5、Strategies for companies to embrace AI technology for product upgrades.

Each business representative contributed unique insights and perspectives to these discussions. It was unanimously agreed that the continuous influx of new technologies has brought unprecedented development opportunities to the POS industry, albeit accompanied by greater challenges. In this context, POS industry enterprises are encouraged to collaborate closely, jointly addressing challenges posed by market competition and technological progress, and collectively shaping a brighter future.



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