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Sunany Will Cooperate With Intel to Develop A New POS Solution

July 10, 2020

Recently, Sunany reached an agreement with Shenzhen Branch of Intel (China). Both parties will cooperate to develop a POS system based on J4105 processor. Intel will provide products and technical supports for Sunany to develop a new generation of POS system solutions.

Sunany will develop a new POS system motherboard based on the J4105 processor. The motherboard will use the fanless design of CPU onboard, which can greatly increase the life of the motherboard without any noise, and it can also provide rich interfaces for connecting peripheral devices.

The development cycle is expected to last for 3 months, and the new motherboard is expected to be mass-produced in late October 2020. The POS system with the new motherboard will be shipped to clients in November 2020.

The J4105 is a quad-core 64-bit x86 desktop microprocessor introduced by Intel in 2017. This processor is based on Goldmont Plus microarchitecture and is manufactured on a 14 nm process. The J4105 operates at 1.5 GHz with a burst frequency of 2.5 GHz and a TDP of 10 W. This MPU incorporates Intel’s UHD Graphics 600 GPU operating at 250 MHz with a burst frequency of 750 MHz.

The third-party evaluation score of J4105 is equivalent to the i3 5005U, which is higher about 35% than J1900. Moreover, J4105 can support SATA3, DDR4 and 4K so that the performance of the entire POS system will be greatly improved. However, the entire POS hardware price only higher slightly than J1900.

Jimmy Ding, the project leader of Intel, believes that the new POS solution will improve the performance of the POS system, thereby enhancing Sunany’s competitiveness in the global market.



Comparison of main parameters
Processor Number Celeron J1900 i3-5005U Celeron J4105
Launch Date Q4’2013 Q1’2015 Q4’2017
Lithography 22 nm 14 nm 14 nm
# of Cores 4 2 4
# of Threads 4 4 4
Processor Base Frequency 1.99 GHz 2.00 GHz 1.50 GHz
Burst Frequency 2.41 GHz / 2.50 GHz
Cache 2MB 3MB 4MB
TDP 10W 15W 10W
Memory Types DDR3 1333 DDR3 1600 DDR4 2400 
SATA Types SATA II  3Gb/s SATA II  3Gb/s SATA III  6Gb/s
Processor Graphics Intel® HD Graphics for Intel Atom® Processor Z3700 Series Intel® HD Graphics 5500 Intel® UHD Graphics 600
4K Support No Yes, at 60Hz Yes, at 60Hz
The data come from Intel




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