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Sunany Will Hold The Company Badminton Tournament

September 2, 2018

To enrich employees’ spare time and raise their awareness of exercise, Sunany will hold a badminton match on sep 15. The competition runs from 15 September to 16 September at the Longhua sports center for two days

Awards set for the competition

Men’s single champion, with a bonus of ¥1000

Women single champion, with a bonus of ¥1000

Men’s double champion, with a bonus of ¥2000

Women’s double champion, with a bonus of ¥2000

Mixed doubles champion, with a bonus of ¥2000

Four other departments, including manufacturing department, sales department, administrative and financial department and engineering development department, have also formed four teams to compete for the team champion, and the team champion will receive a bonus of ¥10,000


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