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How to Upgrade the Touch Panel on Sunany Windows POS System

The touch panel firmware of Sunany POS system all can be upgraded. Below is the instruction about Windows POS terminal, which is an easy operation can be finished during 30sec. 1. Run iliTuningTool software on your POS system. 2. Click “connect” on the upper right corner, and there will show a tip of read TP parameter, click “yes” (this step …

How to turn on/off the beep sound of Sunany 80mm printer

The beep sound of the Sunany 80mm printer is turned on by default. Whether the printer runs out of paper or starts printing, a beep sound will remind the user. Using the setting tool below, the beep sound can be turned on or off in 1-2 seconds. Of course, you can also use the tool to set other printer settings. …

The Driver of Sunany Thermal Receipt Printer for Windows OS

Compatible models: all Sunany printers Compatible operating system: Windows 2000/ Windows XP/ Windows 2003/ Windows Vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 8/ Windows 10 POS Printer Driver Setup V11.2.0.0 Sunany Thermal Printer Installation & Testing Instruction for Windows OS        

OEM Service for POS System – Customized Packaging

Customized Content: LOGO, Pattern, Phone Number, Website Link, etc. Customized Color: Monochrome Customized Position: Packaging Surface Minimum Order Quantity: Free for 200pcs Lead Time: 10~15 days Files format required: PSD, AI, CDR or PNG Advantages of Customized packaging: Highlight and raise the brand image. If you want to put your logo or other information on the original package design of Sunany Customized process: 1、Provide …

The Drivers of J1800 & J1900 Motherboard for Windows 7

In order to facilitate the users to install the appropriate drivers after reinstalling the system and get a good product experience, please download and install the corresponding driver. The drivers are suitable for 32bit and 64bit Windows 7 Operating Systems Audio driver for J1800 & J1900-Win7 32bit & 64bit Chipset driver for J1800 & J1900-Win7 32bit & 64bit Graphic driver …

How to Calculate The Actual Capacity of SSD?

Firstly, let us to figure out the definition of it. SSD capacity is the maximum amount of data that can be stored on a solid-state drive. It is the user-addressable capacity and not includes non-volatile memory areas intended for the flash controller’s use. Secondary, we should know the unit conversion for hard disk capacity. 1GB=1KB*1M Bytes 1M=1KB*1K Bytes 1KB=1KB*1Byte 1GB=K*K*K*1Bytes=K3*1Bytes …

Professional OEM Services for POS Systems Enhance Your Brand Value

“Is it possible to put our Logo on the POS machine?” “Is there any options?” “How about the Minimum order quantity?” Sure, Sunany is a professional manufacturer with rich experience, provides OEM services to clients from all over the world. Let our products integrate with your brand into your local market and enhance your brand value. No matter you are …

OEM Service for Point of Sale Terminal – Silk Printing

Customized Content: Logo or Pattern Customized Color: Monochrome or multiple colors Customized Material: Any flat material Minimum Order Quantity: Free for 100pcs Lead Time: 10~15 days Files format required: PSD, AI or CDR Advantages of Silk Printing Logo: 1. Silk printing logo can be print to any flat surface of the point of sale terminal,it can be printed on the …

OEM Service for EPOS Machine – Metal Logo

Customized Content: Logo or Pattern Customized Color: Monochrome or two-color Customized Material:  Any flat material Minimum Order Quantity: Free for 10pcs Lead Time: 5~7 days Files format required: PSD, AI, CDR or PNG Remark: 1、PNG files needs large format and transparent background 2、The design of the Logo should use thick lines as much as possible to avoid fine and complicated lines design 3、The design …

The Touch Screen Works, But The Point of Sale Machine Could not Operate

Cause of issue: a. The CPU is occupied or processes too much, and cause the operating system to freeze. b. After re-install the operating system of the Point of Sale machine, the touch screen driver program does not match the current system. Elimination method: a. Turn off the point of sale terminal and power off, then turn it on again. …

MSR or Customer Display Installation for X Series & T Series EPOS

Both X series and T series Point of Sale hardware are using modular design, you can easy to install and remove the customer display and MSR accessories as long as ten seconds of operation. These two series POS machines are very suitable for software vendors to resell, the POS software vendors can decide whether to install these accessories according to …

The touch screen of EPOS till systems working is not stable

After using the EPOS till systems for a period, the touch screen sometimes works as normal, but sometimes no response. Cause of issue: a. The connect cable between the motherboard and touch screen is loose. b. There are some other electronic devices interference around the POS machine. Elimination method: a. Re-plug the connect cable of the touch screen b. Remove …

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