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The Basic Information of POS System Power Adapter

Sunany always focus quality improvement of POS machine, even in every tiny details. Adopting the power adapter from Channel Well Technology will bring a better using experience for users on power supply. Channel Well Technology (CWT), one of leading manufacturers in the power supply realm, provides the whole world with high-quality, high-reliability product lineups applicable to many fields such as …

The POS Machine Cannot Boot Up or Run After Received

It is a rare case that POS machine cannot boot up or run after received, As our experiences, the violent shock in the transportation progress and all kinds of inspections on the way may cause this issue. If you met this issue, we are really sorry that this issue occurred and it causes your troubles and delayed your using time, …

Daily Maintenance Methods of POS System

1. Keep away from strong electromagnetic field or electromagnetic interference source. it is easy to cause malfunction of the touch screen of the POS system, even can case abnormal function or parts are damaged in serious case. 2. Place away from direct sunlight, it should be placed in a right place which has a little variation in temperature and humidity, …

The Blue Screen Error That Caused by Adding One More RAM

Most of Sunany’s Windows point of sale system comes with 2 RAM slots. When the user thinks the running speed isn’t quick, they might need to add one more RAM. We don’t suggest the users who didn’t specialize in electronic products to do this operation, because it might cause some manmade issue on the point of sale system, such as …

Touch Panel Setting Tool of Sunany POS System

All of Sunany’s POS systems is adopt the Ilitek capacitive touch controller. If the client wants to set up the touch panel on Sunany’s POS system, Ilitek iUniTouch Tool can help them. It can be used to set up mode switch, touch behavior and firmware upgrade, etc. Compatible models: All of Sunany’s POS System Compatible controller: ILI2511 Compatible operating system: …

Precautions of Upgrading RAM or SSD by Ownself

In the daily sales work, we met some clients who wanna upgrading the RAM or SSD of the Windows POS terminal by themself. Sunany does not suggest client upgrade the RAM or SSD of the POS terminal himself if without any professional engineers. Normally it is possible to do that if the POS terminal supports it, hope to notice the …

Windows EPOS System Cannot Enter The Operating System

After pressing the power button, the screen shows up the boot image of motherboard but the Windows EPOS system is unable to enter the operating system. If that issue occurs, you need to find out the reasons step by step. 1. Restart the Windows EPOS system, press the DEL key continuously, and try to enter the BIOS. It indicates that …

Should My Windows POS Machine Need to Reinstall the Operating System?

As a POS hardware manufacturer, we need to deal with a lot of bulk orders, which requires us to finish a lot of POS hardware assembling, installation on operating system and testing in short time. So, we usually use GHOST to install the operating system and complete the mass production by copying the SSD. In this way of installing the …

The Advantages of SSD in Sunany EPOS System

All Sunany X86 EPOS system is adopted SSD to store the user data, not HDD. Why Sunany only adopt the SSD as its storage medium? Here are four reasons. 1. Speed: SSD’s running speed is between 25 and 100 times faster than HDD. This feature not only means the boot time of EPOS system will be reduced greatly but the …

How to Recover the Operating System of Android POS system

Sometimes, the Android POS system fails to enter into the operating system and can’t turn on USB debugging because of freezes. It can be solved by upgrading the firmware. We recommend the person who has certain electronic product maintenance experience to use this method to upgrade firmware because the POS machine will be disassembled during operation, non-professional operations may cause …

The Motherboard Drivers of Sunany i5 Point of Sale Machine

Users may need to install drivers after reinstalling the Windows operating system to ensure the point of sale machine runs perfectly. Sunany provides users the motherboard drivers of Intel Core i5 4th gen and  Intel Core i5 5th gen to download here. Compatible chipset: Intel Haswell-U/ Broadwell-U SOC platform Compatible operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 32bit and …

Windows POS Machine is Freezing while Working

If your POS machine freeze during usage, please try to restart it. If the freezing occurs during usage, it may be the compatibility problem of hardware and software. Please follow the instructions below to troubleshoot and resolve the issue. Cause of issue: a. The unstable hardware is connected to the POS machine, which causes the POS machine frozen; b. The …

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