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  • In the daily sales work, we met some clients who wanna upgrading the RAM or SSD of the Windows POS terminal by themself. Sunany does not suggest client upgrade the RAM or SSD of the POS terminal himself if without any professional engineers. Normally it is possible to do that if the POS terminal supports it, hope to notice the …

  • After pressing the power button, the screen shows up the boot image of motherboard but the Windows EPOS system is unable to enter the operating system. If that issue occurs, you need to find out the reasons step by step. 1. Restart the Windows EPOS system, press the DEL key continuously, and try to enter the BIOS. It indicates that …

  • Sometimes, the Android POS system fails to enter into the operating system and can’t turn on USB debugging because of freezes. It can be solved by upgrading the firmware. We recommend the person who has certain electronic product maintenance experience to use this method to upgrade firmware because the POS machine will be disassembled during operation, non-professional operations may cause …

  • Need to make the following preparations: 1. A computer with Windows operating system; 2. Download DriverAssitant (click here to download), and install it on the computer; 3. Download AndroidTool (click here to download) and firmware, put them where you can find on the computer; 4. Connect the computer USB port to the Android POS machine OTG port with a USB OTG cable; 5. Turn …

  • The touch panel firmware of Sunany POS system all can be upgraded. Below is the instruction about Windows POS terminal, which is an easy operation can be finished during 30sec. 1. Run iliTuningTool software on your POS system. 2. Click “connect” on the upper right corner, and there will show a tip of read TP parameter, click “yes” (this step …

  • The beep sound of the Sunany 80mm printer is turned on by default. Whether the printer runs out of paper or starts printing, a beep sound will remind the user. Using the setting tool below, the beep sound can be turned on or off in 1-2 seconds. Of course, you can also use the tool to set other printer settings. …

  • Compatible models: all Sunany printers Compatible operating system: Windows 2000/ Windows XP/ Windows 2003/ Windows Vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 8/ Windows 10 POS Printer Driver Setup V11.2.0.0 Sunany Thermal Printer Installation & Testing Instruction for Windows OS        

  • Firstly, let us to figure out the definition of it. SSD capacity is the maximum amount of data that can be stored on a solid-state drive. It is the user-addressable capacity and not includes non-volatile memory areas intended for the flash controller’s use. Secondary, we should know the unit conversion for hard disk capacity. 1GB=1KB*1M Bytes 1M=1KB*1K Bytes 1KB=1KB*1Byte 1GB=K*K*K*1Bytes=K3*1Bytes …

  • Both X series and T series Point of Sale hardware are using modular design, you can easy to install and remove the customer display and MSR accessories as long as ten seconds of operation. These two series POS machines are very suitable for software vendors to resell, the POS software vendors can decide whether to install these accessories according to …

  • 1. Download the Touch Utility and Update file, and put them into a USB flash drive. Remark: Because each user encounters a different issue, and needs different update file, please consult Sunany support team. 2. Find the Touch Utility program in the USB flash drive and install it. 3. Open the Touch Utility program, select Upgrade Firmware, then select the …

  • The secondary development tips on 8 segment LED customer display

    Customer Display is the main accessory of EPOS system, which is installed in front of the POS cash register, towards the customer. It’s very convenient for them to check the information about billing, which makes payment become more and more openly and humanely. It also a common accessory of POS system and widely used in the retail industry, due to …

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