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After using POS software, the printer only prints and does not play the cash drawer

1. Check the system settings of the software, whether it has the function of selecting the cash drawer, and decide whether it is incompatible with the instruction of the cash drawer. 2. Check the system setting of the software for the instruction input line of the bomb box. If there is, enter the instruction of the cash drawer of the …

Barcode printer print mode and its difference with ordinary printer

Ordinary printers can be divided into ink-jet printers, dot matrix printers, laser printers, etc. according to their working methods. The principle of printing is: The dot matrix printer prints character graphics through physical contact between the printer and the paper. Inkjet printers first generate small ink droplets, and then use inkjet heads to guide small ink droplets to a set …

Barcode scanners are widely used in payment, logistics, transportation and other fields

Barcode scanner? As the name implies, it is a bar code hardware decoding device, which includes the optical principle, decoding and data transmission process. In general, you can understand it as a bar code collection accessory, similar to the scanner in mobile phone payment code and bar code in commercial supermarkets, it realizes the intelligentization of bar code (two-dimensional code) …

What is 2D BARCODE

Tag barcodes are the newest edition of 2D barcodes. They are more flexible than older formats by providing better design and content capability. Tag barcodes are linked to data sources and are suitable for use with mobile sites. Content can be updated at any time without requiring any tag alteration. These tags can be used on business cards, resumes, and …

Catering industry terminology in restaurant cashier systems

In the food and beverage cashier system, there is often a term for the catering industry. For cashiers and dining attendants who have just entered the restaurant line, it is a bit confusing to use simple and easy cash registers. Now let me share with you some of the catering industry language in the cash register system. Yan Qing: The …

How the future smart food management system can be implemented in information technology

With the development of the catering industry and Internet technology, traditional catering systems have also been continuously improved, with functions ranging from à la carte and cashiers to chain management, membership, inventory, procurement, finance, etc. Products have also expanded from the front POS to various types of mobile points. Vegetable treasure, handheld POS and so on. The functions and products …

POS cash registers and the difference between pos

Sunany POS cash registers from the six major components: customer display  + keyboard + display + cash drawer + printer + barcode scanner POS is a charging system, usually supermarkets, restaurants and the like is used in such systems cash registers, not the same as with Windows systems, is an application software. Specifically for retail businesses and industry and trade …

POS features

Since the advent of electronic cash registers, according to the needs of a variety of business management, has formed a complete series. Therefore, according to the actual needs can choose the right POS. Select electronic cash registers should be selected according to the following key indicators: 1, category classification based on the number of sales of goods to select the …

Smart cash register is about to replace traditional cash register

With various types of capital entering the Internet industry, new areas of growth have been ushered in in various areas. Whether it is the development of smart commercial hardware still system, it has a very good market and user groups. Under the circumstances that the domestic economy has maintained steady and continuous growth, the smart cash register can be said …

The benefits of using supermarket cash registers

Supermarket cash registers store operators around the world to meet the desire of its high accuracy of the accounting business, sales statistics on the high straightforward, practical product management of high, making the commercial operators to invest in small, but can be quickly and accurately detail the process of commodity circulation grasp all the data, making business in the market …

The difference between thermal and thermal transfer barcode printers

Barcode printers are a type of generating device commonly used in labels and barcode production equipment. They have thermal and thermal transfer printing modes. So, what is the difference between thermal and thermal transfer barcode printers? 1. Different printing supplies Supplies for thermal printers: Thermal paper. Thermal paper is coated with a layer that reacts with heat and discolors, similar …

What is the effect of the cash register system on chain stores

The cash register system is indispensable for store management. However, the cash register system plays a role in chain stores. Today, Sunany took a fruit shop as an example for everyone to talk about the chain cash register system. For the early stages of the development of fruit chain stores, since the amount of building warehouses has not been reached, …

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