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Windows POS Machine is Freezing while Working

If your POS machine freeze during usage, please try to restart it. If the freezing occurs during usage, it may be the compatibility problem of hardware and software. Please follow the instructions below to troubleshoot and resolve the issue. Cause of issue: a. The unstable hardware is connected to the POS machine, which causes the POS machine frozen; b. The …

OEM Service for POS System – Label Customization

Customized Content: brand, model, website Link, configuration details and any text content. Customized Position: package surface and the bottom of POS machine. Minimum Order Quantity: 10pcs Label Material: coated paper sticker or matte PET silver sticker Files Required: a document includes all the content you want to put on the label Advantages of Customized label: 1. Highlight and raise brand …

What is A Sunany Self-Service Kiosk?

A Self-Service Kiosk, it is obvious for you to guess from the name, it gives guests the power to order and pay by themselves, it is just like a kind of like a sophisticated vending machine. A Self-Service Kiosk usually consists of a big size touch screen, often it is a tablet equipped with an easy to use digital interface. …

Commonly Used Files on X86 POS Machine are Damaged

Cause of issue: In rarely cases, users will find that frequently accessed files are damaged. This situation generally occurs after the X86 POS machine has been used for many years. This may be casued by the aging of the RAM chip, resulting in damage to the file structure. Elimination method: Confirm with Sunany after sales team about the specification of RAM, and replace it by yourself. Purchase a RAM from and Sunany and replace it by yourself.      

What’s The Difference Between Retail POS System and Restaurant POS System

POS system will help you streamline business operations, enhance the customer experience and help you make smarter, data-driven decisions. But what’s the difference between a retail POS system and a restaurant POS system? 1. Number of units and accessories each one need differs. A retail system has accessories like credit card scanner, printers and product scanners attached to it in …

How to Upgrade Firmware of Android POS Machine

Need to make the following preparations: 1. A computer with Windows operating system; 2. Download DriverAssitant (click here to download), and install it on the computer; 3. Download AndroidTool (click here to download) and firmware, put them where you can find on the computer; 4. Connect the computer USB port to the Android POS machine OTG port with a USB OTG cable; 5. Turn …

How to Upgrade the Touch Panel on Sunany Windows POS System

The touch panel firmware of Sunany POS system all can be upgraded. Below is the instruction about Windows POS terminal, which is an easy operation can be finished during 30sec. 1. Run iliTuningTool software on your POS system. 2. Click “connect” on the upper right corner, and there will show a tip of read TP parameter, click “yes” (this step …

How to turn on/off the beep sound of Sunany 80mm printer

The beep sound of the Sunany 80mm printer is turned on by default. Whether the printer runs out of paper or starts printing, a beep sound will remind the user. Using the setting tool below, the beep sound can be turned on or off in 1-2 seconds. Of course, you can also use the tool to set other printer settings. …

The Driver of Sunany Thermal Receipt Printer for Windows OS

Compatible models: all Sunany printers Compatible operating system: Windows 2000/ Windows XP/ Windows 2003/ Windows Vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 8/ Windows 10 POS Printer Driver Setup V11.2.0.0 Sunany Thermal Printer Installation & Testing Instruction for Windows OS        

OEM Service for POS System – Customized Packaging

Customized Content: LOGO, Pattern, Phone Number, Website Link, etc. Customized Color: Monochrome Customized Position: Packaging Surface Minimum Order Quantity: Free for 100pcs Lead Time: 10~15 days Files format required: PSD, AI, CDR or PNG Advantages of Customized packaging: Highlight and raise the brand image. Put your logo on the original package design of Sunany Customized process: 1. Provide your Logo or other content …

The Drivers of J1800 & J1900 Motherboard for Windows 7

In order to facilitate the users to install the appropriate drivers after reinstalling the system and get a good product experience, please download and install the corresponding driver. The drivers are suitable for 32bit and 64bit Windows 7 Operating Systems Audio driver for J1800 & J1900-Win7 32bit & 64bit Chipset driver for J1800 & J1900-Win7 32bit & 64bit Graphic driver …

How to Calculate The Actual Capacity of SSD?

Firstly, let us to figure out the definition of it. SSD capacity is the maximum amount of data that can be stored on a solid-state drive. It is the user-addressable capacity and not includes non-volatile memory areas intended for the flash controller’s use. Secondary, we should know the unit conversion for hard disk capacity. 1GB=1KB*1M Bytes 1M=1KB*1K Bytes 1KB=1KB*1Byte 1GB=K*K*K*1Bytes=K3*1Bytes …

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