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  • Some of Sunany’s customers have reported cases where activation expired on certain POS devices that were previously activated for Windows, a problem that could stem from unstable Microsoft servers, hardware modifications, or inconsistent network connectivity. Fortunately, there are several solutions to this problem: 1. Contact the vendor or manufacturer of the POS device if activation expires. Explain the activation issue …

  • POS billing machine white screen means that the screen is completely white after the POS billing machine is turned on, without any content or icons. The fault not only disrupts normal payment operations but also causes inconvenience to daily business activities. POS billing machine white screen may be caused by a variety of reasons. Below Sunany will introduce several common …

  • As we all know, Windows cashier POS machines rely on stable network connections to process transactions, update inventory, and print receipts. However, sometimes the ethernet network doesn’t have a valid IP configuration, which can cause connectivity issues and outages on Windows cashier POS machines. The following are some methods summarized by the sunany team to fix the “Ethernet does not …

  • POS machine LCD screen flickering is an occasional phenomenon, especially in some restaurants where users may connect the POS machine to the same power strip as the freezer and oven. When your POS machine LCD screen starts to flicker, the Sunany support team recommends that you try the following methods to solve the problem. If the LCD screen flickers occasionally …

  • POS hardware play a crucial role in industries like retail and hospitality, delivering efficient and dependable service. However, encountering boot failure issues can be a major headache that disrupts your business operations. Sunany engineers have compiled below handy troubleshooting tips to help you get your Windows POS hardware up and running smoothly again. Check for operating system Issues: Begin by …

  • In the world of Windows POS systems, network connectivity is crucial for seamless operations. However, encountering errors like the “Network Discovery is Turned Off” can disrupt your workflow and hinder efficient functionality. Sunany engineers explore the causes behind this error and provide below practical solutions to help you get your network discovery back on track. Update Network Settings: Outdated network …

  • If your point of sale (POS) system’s Wi-Fi connection randomly drops, there could be a number of potential causes, and the Sunany support team has some suggestions for how to troubleshoot. Here are some suggestions: Check your Wi-Fi network stability: Ensure that your Wi-Fi network is stable and reliable. Test the Wi-Fi connection with other devices to see if they …

  • Static electricity can significantly impact the functionality of touch screen POS machines, frequently resulting in issues like screen jumps and misalignments, leading to inaccurate touch responses. This problem is most prevalent in dry environments prone to static electricity, especially when cashiers frequently handle plastic bags, generating substantial static charges on their hands. When these charged hands interact with the screen, …

  • As a vital output device for POS systems, thermal printers are essential in various industries such as retail and hospitality, providing fast and reliable document printing, including receipts. Sunany engineers have compiled a list of potential issues you may encounter during daily thermal printer usage to assist you effectively. Check the Power and Connections. The first step is to ensure …

  • The thermal receipt printer is one of the most commonly used POS peripherals in the retail and restaurant industries. Sunany occasionally receives feedback: the printer starts acting up after paper roll replacement. Based on our experience, the issue usually stems from the paper roll and is often related to user operations. If your printing was working fine before, but after …

  • Touch screen monitors find widespread applications across various industries. In the event you encounter a scenario where the monitor displays correctly, but the touch functionality is malfunctioning, please be aware that this tutorial is intended for capacitive touch screen monitors and not for resistive touch screen monitors. Verify the Connection: Typically, touch screen monitors connect to the host via a …

  • The Mini PC, a small and compact industrial computer, has become increasingly common in our lives due to its small size and ability to handle large-scale computer tasks. If your Mini PC suddenly fails to function properly, there are several steps you can take to troubleshoot the issue: 1. Check the power cord and power adapter to ensure they are …

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