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5 Tips to Fix Missing Bluetooth Option in Windows 11 POS System

Has the Bluetooth option disappeared on your Windows 11 POS system? It can happen due to various reasons, such as temporary glitches, corrupted Bluetooth drivers, or problems with the Windows 11 POS operating system. Sunany engineering team has compiled the following five tips to help you fix this problem. 1. Perform a power cycle Performing a power cycle is the …

Can a Retail EPOS System Run Without The Internet?

In today’s digital retail environment, retail EPOS systems have become essential tools for businesses. However, merchants often face network interruptions, especially in remote areas or environments with unstable connections. Many customers have asked whether the Sunany retail EPOS system can function properly without an internet connection. The answer is yes, retail EPOS systems can function properly without an internet connection. …

What is The Difference Between POS And POS System?

Sometimes customers inquire with Sunany sales team: What is the difference between POS and POS system? POS (Point of Sale) and POS system are two terms often used interchangeably, but they actually refer to slightly different concepts in the world of retail and business management. POS, standing for Point of Sale, typically refers to the physical location or specific point …

Hardware Configuration Solution for Chain Convenience Store POS Systems

Sunany team with extensive experience in communicating with software vendors, shares key considerations for configuring hardware in chain convenience store POS ss. Firstly, prioritizing high stability is essential to ensure uninterrupted operation over extended periods. Contrary to popular belief, the most advanced processor isn’t always the most stable option. Established solutions, though seemingly less cutting-edge, often prove more reliable and …

Avoid Bad Habits When Using A Desktop POS Machine

Desktop POS machines are widely used in industries such as retail, catering, and hospitality, serving as essential tools for interactions between merchants and customers. Some Bad habits may pose security threats. Based on past experiences, Sunany engineers offer the following tips: 1. Failure to protect login credentials: Ensure that the login credentials for the POS machine, such as usernames and …

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