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Does the POS System Need Wi-Fi?

When choosing a POS system, many users face the question: Does the POS system need to be configured with Wi-Fi functionality? Sunany as an experienced POS system manufacturing team, believes that POS systems do not necessarily need Wi-Fi to operate. Wi-Fi is just one of the options for data transmission and Internet access for the POS system. According to Sunany’s …

Causes of Full-Screen Flickering on Desktop POS Machines

The LCD screen is one of the most durable parts of the desktop POS machine, but improper use may cause full-screen flickering failures, especially during peak customer flow periods. If the desktop POS machine has full-screen flickering, it may interfere with the checkout process, causing customers to wait longer and affecting the customer experience. Desktop POS screens may flicker on …

Precautions for POS Terminal Machines in Unstable Voltage

Using POS terminal machines in an environment with unstable voltage may cause equipment failure, data loss, and transaction interruptions. To ensure the normal operation of POS terminal machines and extend the service life, Sunany recommends taking the following precautions: 1. Before using POS terminal machines, merchants should understand and evaluate the voltage conditions in their environment. It is recommended to …

What are the Components of a Retail POS Machine?

A retail POS machine usually consists of multiple hardware components that work together to facilitate transactions and effectively manage retail operations. Based on the Sunany team’s years of experience, the retail POS machine components commonly used by customers include: POS Terminal: A POS terminal can be a traditional cash register, a computer, or a tablet equipped with POS software. It …

What is the Difference Between a POS System and a POS Machine?

In the retail and service industries, POS systems and POS machines are crucial tools. Although the terms “POS system” and “POS machine” are often used interchangeably, they actually represent distinct concepts. So, what sets them apart? A POS system is a comprehensive solution that integrates software and hardware to manage transactions, inventory, and generate reports. The software processes sales data, …

What’s the Difference Between Windows 10 IoT Enterprise and LTSC?

Windows 10 IoT Enterprise and Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC (Long-term Service Channel) are two common operating system choices in the POS field, and both have their characteristics and expected use cases. Here are the main differences between them summarized by the Sunany team: Release Cycle and Update Frequency: Windows 10 IoT Enterprise follows Microsoft’s regular release cycle, with feature …

Understanding C: Drive and D: Drive in Windows POS System

In Windows-based POS systems, you often encounter two main drives: C: and D:. They are not only storage devices but also affect the performance, data management, and application operation of the Windows POS system. So these drives have different uses, what is the difference? C: Drive The C: drive is usually the main drive of the Windows POS system. The …

How to Prevent Static Electricity in POS Hardware

Static electricity is a common physical phenomenon that can adversely affect the normal operation of POS hardware. It can damage internal electronic components, cause data loss, or lead to system failures. The following are several anti-static measures summarized by Sunany engineers that may help you protect your POS hardware effectively. For POS hardware manufacturers, anti-static materials such as anti-static shells …

Resolving Activation Issues on Received POS Devices Running Windows

Some of Sunany’s customers have reported cases where activation expired on certain POS devices that were previously activated for Windows, a problem that could stem from unstable Microsoft servers, hardware modifications, or inconsistent network connectivity. Fortunately, there are several solutions to this problem: 1. Contact the vendor or manufacturer of the POS device if activation expires. Explain the activation issue …

5 Tips to Fix Missing Bluetooth Option in Windows 11 POS System

Has the Bluetooth option disappeared on your Windows 11 POS system? It can happen due to various reasons, such as temporary glitches, corrupted Bluetooth drivers, or problems with the Windows 11 POS operating system. Sunany engineering team has compiled the following five tips to help you fix this problem. 1. Perform a power cycle Performing a power cycle is the …

Food Truck POS System

Part No. Z200-14L Operation System Windows 10/ Windows 11/ Windows 10 IoT Onboard CPU Intel Alder Lake-N N95 processor, Quad-core & quad thread, upto 3.4GHz J4125/ J6412/ i3/ i5/ i7 (optional) Memory DDR4: 8GB  (8GB optional) M.2 PCIe SSD: 512GB  (128GB/ 256GB/ 1TB/ 2TB/ 4TB optional) Main display 14 inch LCD,1366*768, 16:9, capacitive 10 point touch interface Easy port* 1 USB …

Advantages of Rockchip RK3588 over RK3568 For Android 12 OS POS solution

Sunany has launched an Android 12 OS POS solution based on the Rockchip RK3588. The RK3588 is a processor developed by Rockchip, primarily used in POS solutions,  embedded systems, smart devices, and industrial applications. While the RK3588 is more expensive than the RK3568, it has shown great performance improvement in many aspects. So, what are the specific advantages of the …

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