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The Advantages of Contactless NFC Membership Card Management

January 8, 2022

NFC stands for Near Field Communication, and NFC card reader is a dedicated card reader device with the function of reading NFC tags. As we all know, the NFC function is becoming more and more popular in our daily life. Currently, smartphones have the NFC function to manage our bus cards, campus cards, and access cards. Contactless NFC membership cards are widely used in membership management in restaurants, bars, hotels, salons, and so on.

The NFC contactless membership card that is used for membership management has the following advantages:
1. Good durability: There is no mechanical contact between the contactless NFC card and the reader, avoiding various failures due to contact reading and writing. In addition, there is no exposed chip on the surface of the contactless NFC card, so there is no need to worry about the chip falling off, electrostatic breakdown, bending damage, etc., which not only facilitates the printing of the card but also improves the reliability of the card.
2. Convenient operation: Since the non-contact NFC card reader can operate the card within 8cm, there is no need to insert or remove the card, which is very convenient for users to use. The non-contact NFC card has no directionality when used, and the card can be swiped in any direction to complete the operation, which greatly improves the speed of each use.
3. Extended function: The storage structure characteristics of the non-contact card make it multi-purpose and can be applied in different systems.

There are most POS terminals on the market actually do not have NFC function, and many POS software vendors are adopting magnetic stripe card to their own membership management system. Now, Sunany all series POS terminals support the installation of R1 NFC card readers. Sunany all series POS terminals are modular design, the both sides of screen own card reader interfaces. POS resellers are able to install the NFC reader on left side or right side of screen. Even, they can install NFC reader and magnetic stripe card reader for the membership management at the same time. It provides more options of membership management for resellers.

The specification of R1 NFC card reader is attached as below, please feel free to download and check.

Specification of R1 NFC reader-20211231



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