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The Advantages of SSD in Sunany EPOS System

March 29, 2021

All Sunany X86 EPOS system is adopted SSD to store the user data, not HDD. Why Sunany only adopt the SSD as its storage medium? Here are four reasons.

1. Speed: SSD’s running speed is between 25 and 100 times faster than HDD. This feature not only means the boot time of EPOS system will be reduced greatly but the file transfers are much quicker and there’s a lot more bandwidth as well.

2. Durability: No moving parts mean if it happened drops and rattling that result in physical or external damage, won’t always equal to data loss. It ensured the security of the EPOS system’s data stored in SSD.

3. Energy-efficient: SSD adopt flash memory to record data. It provides better reliability and efficacy than HDD. In addition, because SSD doesn’t have any moving parts, it’s energy- saved when working. Respectively, users can benefit from a lower power rate for their EPOS system

4. Smaller size: The weight of SSD is lighter than HDD. It will saves the space of EPOS system, making EPOS system become more concise and stylish.

The SSDs of Sunnay EPOS systems are from Foresee and Hoodisk. Foresee is the most famous SSD brand in China mainland, Hoodisk (Phison) is a leading SSD brand in China Taiwan. The SSD interface type is mSATA, the speed up to 6Gb/s. It’s a smaller version of the SATA III SSD.



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