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The Application Field of Industrial PDA

February 18, 2017

Logistics & Express

It can be used for waybill data collecting by couriers, transfer station/warehouse data acquisition. According to scan the barcode of parcel.The waybill information is transmitted directly to the background server through 3G module by scanning the express bar code. At the same time, it can realize the related business information query and other functions.

Logistics Distribution

The typical distribution include tobacco distribution, warehouse inventory, postal distribution, terminal distribution of major commodity manufacturers, drug distribution, factory logistics of large factories, and warehouse to warehouse transportation of logistics companies.

Chain Store/ Retail Store / Counter Data collection

It is used for the collection and transmission of the store’s data, such as entering, selling, storing, disk making, transferring, canceling, ordering and member management, and can also realize the store’s inventory.

Ordering Meeting

It is used for the wireless ordering meeting of shoes and clothes industry. Based on WIFI wireless communication technology, the field ordering is conducted by PDAs handheld terminal scanning barcode, and the order data is transmitted wirelessly to the background ordering meeting system, and the query, statistics and analysis functions can be realized at the same time.

Card Management

It can be used for various IC card and non-contact IC card. Like ID card, membership card etc. As the name implies, card management is to manage various contact/non-contact IC CARDS, so the main extension function of the scanning gun is contact/non-contact IC card reading and writing.

Bill Management

It can be used for data collection of ticket collection units, such as movie theatre ticket, railway ticket, Scenic areas ticket, bus station, service station and so on.

Special Environment

Industrial PDA can be worked in outdoor environment or extreme environments, UHF RFID etc function can collect information for long distance, it can solve the problem in situation where human power cannot be reached.


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