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The Daily Behaviors That Accelerate Damage to The POS Machine Screen

February 8, 2024

As an essential component of a POS machine, the screen should be handled with care to avoid damage during daily use. The following are some everyday behaviors that may accelerate the deterioration of a POS machine screen:

1. Forceful touch: Excessive force applied to the POS machine screen can lead to screen damage. It is important to avoid using nails, sharp objects, or excessive pressure when operating the screen;
2. Use of sharp objects: Scratching the screen with sharp objects such as keys, blades, or sharp fingernails can cause scratches or physical damage;
3. Liquid splashes: When the POS machine screen is exposed to liquids like water, coffee, or beverages, the liquid may seep into the internal components, resulting in screen malfunctions or damage;
4. High-temperature environment: Placing the POS machine in a high-temperature environment, such as direct sunlight or near heating devices, may cause screen deformation, discoloration, or other forms of damage;
5. Sudden impact: The POS machine screen may not withstand sudden impacts like drops or collisions, which can cause screen fractures or damage to internal components.

To protect the POS machine screen and extend its lifespan, the following preventive measures should be taken:

1. Gentle touch: Avoid applying excessive pressure or force when pressing or touching the screen;
2. Use specialized cleaning cloths or soft fabrics to wipe the screen, and refrain from using sharp objects;
3. Keep the POS machine away from potential liquid sources and take care to prevent splashes;
4. Place the POS machine in a well-ventilated area with suitable temperature to avoid overheating;
5. Minimize exposure of the POS machine to environments where sudden impacts are likely to occur. Place it on a stable surface and handle it with care.

By avoiding the mentioned behaviors and implementing these preventive measures, the risk of damaging the POS machine screen can be significantly reduced.


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