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The Difference Between Capacitive & Resistive Touch Screens On POS Terminals

March 16, 2022

In recent years, industries such as retail, catering, and hospitality have begun to rely on using POS terminals, which means that different types of screens are required to use POS terminals in different scenarios. There are two main types of touchscreen technology: capacitive touchscreens and resistive touchscreens. What is the difference between them?

Capacitive touch screen
A capacitive touchscreen registers a touch when it comes into contact with a conductive object, such as a human finger. Therefore, capacitive touchscreens are responsive as they do not require any pressure to register a touch even the slightest touch activates the screen. Capacitive touchscreens can use glass as the front panel, which makes them extremely durable, easy to clean and scratch resistant. The disadvantage of capacitive touchscreens is accuracy. Most capacitive touchscreens do not respond to objects other than bare human fingers, so cannot be operated with a stylus, fingernails, or gloved hands. This makes some precise movements quite difficult to achieve.

Resistive touch screen
Resistive touchscreens consist of two layers of material with a space between them. When you press the outer screen, the two layers are pressed into contact, registering the touch. Because the system works under pressure, it can be activated using an inanimate object such as a stylus, fingernail or gloved finger. This allows resistive touchscreens to perform some high-precision actions. Resistive touchscreens are also more popular in colder climates. Disadvantages of resistive touchscreens include inability to support multi-touch gestures, poor visibility in direct sunlight, and poor durability. The top layer of a resistive touchscreen is made of a soft, stretchy material that is more prone to damage than glass. It may also require frequent recalibration.

Therefore, the choice of capacitive and resistive screens depends on the retailer’s needs. At present, most of Sunany POS terminal models are equipped with capacitive touch screens, and some models are equipped with resistive screens. Please consult the Sunany team for more details.



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