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The Solution to The Magnetic Stripe Card Reader Failure

April 22, 2022

All regular models of POS terminal offered by Sunany are modular design, which means clients can easily install a magnetic stripe card reader. But sometimes the card swipe will fail when using the magnetic stripe card reader. In this case, you need to follow the steps below to check one by one.

1. The operating system or the cashier software is stuck
Any operating system will become stuck after long-term use more or less. Try restarting the POS terminal and re-swiping the card to test whether it is normal. If the card swipe still fails, please check whether there is a bug in the cashier software, try to update the latest version or contact the software vendor for help.

2. The magnetic strip sensor head of the card reader is aging
Generally, the lifespan of the sensor head of the magnetic stripe card reader is 500,000~1,000,000 times. If the card still cannot be swiped after replacing multiple cards, it can be judged whether it has aged according to personal usage. At this time, you may consider replacing a new magnetic stripe card reader.

3. The problem of the card itself
Magnetic stripe cards are easily affected or even damaged by external magnetic field interference sources, resulting in failure reading of card information. You need to determine if the card itself is damaged.

4. Security restrictions of payment companies
Different payment companies have different security restrictions for payments. You need to understand the security restriction rules of the card issuer’s payment. Generally speaking, the magnetic stripe card can be used normally after the ID verification is successful.



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