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The Three Wireless Modes of Wireless Barcode Scanner

April 21, 2022

The wireless barcode scanner is not limited by the length of the data cable, so it is more flexible to use. Now wireless barcode scanners are more and more common in warehouse management, logistics and supermarkets, etc. The following are the three wireless modes of the wireless code scanner:

1. Bluetooth mode: the transmission distance of Bluetooth can reach 50 meters in the open space. The cost of the Bluetooth module is cheap, which is a very economical and practical wireless transmission method. However, the Bluetooth signal will easily be interfered with by object blocking or another wireless signal. So, the Bluetooth wireless barcode scanner is more suitable for close-range usage;

2. 433MHz mode: The transmission distance of 433MHz can reach 200 meters in open areas, which is very suitable for use in open environments such as warehouses and supermarkets. However, many countries have control over radio and do not allow 433MHz mode;

3. 2.4G mode: the transmission distance of 2.4G can reach 50 meters in open area, and the signal is stable. Sunany S5101 is a 1D barcode scanner with 2.4G mode with excellent working performance.



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