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The Types of Pole Displays in POS Systems

December 29, 2023

A pole display, also known as a customer display or a pole monitor, is a visual output device commonly found in retail and hospitality environments as part of a Point of Sale (POS) system. It is typically positioned near the cash register or checkout area, facing the customer.

The primary purpose of a Pole Display is to provide real-time transaction information to customers during the prodvider process. It shows details such as item names, quantities, prices, discounts, and the total amount due. This allows customers to verify the accuracy of their purchases and promotes transparency in the transaction.

Pole Displays come in various types, including:

1. Light-Emitting Diode (LED) Display: LED displays utilize individual light-emitting diodes to create characters and graphics. They offer bright and vibrant visuals and are cheap. The disadvantage is that they can only display numbers and cannot achieve text prompts and advertising effects.

2. Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD): VFD displays use fluorescent characters on a black background and offer clear visibility, high contrast, and wide viewing angles. Not only can it display numbers, but it can also display complex text prompts through encoding.

3. Liquid Crystal Display (LCD): LCDs use liquid crystals to display graphics and videos. They provide good visibility and can show more detailed information compared to VFD displays. They provide POS software with strong scalability. During the checkout process, it no longer just displays transaction information, but can even add animations or advertisements to further enhance the interaction between business and customers.

The specific type and features of a pole display may vary depending on the POS system and business requirements. However, the main function remains consistent – providing customers with a clear and accurate view of their transaction details during the checkout process. Sunany team recommends that you consider using PD70 and PD101 pole displays with high-brightness IPS LCD screens to improve customers’ experience with the POS system.


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