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Troubleshooting for Touch Screen Monitor Displaying Normally but Experiencing Touch Function Issues

September 2, 2023

Touch screen monitors find widespread applications across various industries. In the event you encounter a scenario where the monitor displays correctly, but the touch functionality is malfunctioning, please be aware that this tutorial is intended for capacitive touch screen monitors and not for resistive touch screen monitors.

Verify the Connection: Typically, touch screen monitors connect to the host via a USB cable. Ensure that the cable and the connection are secure and properly seated. We recommend reinserting or replacing the USB interface if necessary.

Restart the Host: Occasionally, system freezes can lead to abnormal component behavior. Attempt to resolve the issue by restarting the host.

Clean the Screen: Dirt and foreign materials, particularly those containing metal or conductive substances, can impede the touch screen’s normal operation. Use a microfiber cloth dampened with alcohol to clean the screen.

Avoid Interference Sources: Electromagnetic and other interference sources can disrupt the touch screen’s operation. Inspect the vicinity of the touch monitor for potential interference sources and keep them at a distance.

Calibrate the Touch Screen: Certain touch screens require calibration for optimal functionality.

Update the Touch Screen Firmware: In some cases, static electricity from your fingers may lead to a reset or damage to the touch screen controller’s firmware. Re-flashing the firmware can resolve this issue.

If none of the above steps prove effective, there may be a hardware problem. If your touch screen monitor is from Sunany, our engineers can provide remote debugging assistance. We hope that our tutorial proves helpful to you.



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