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What Are the Pros and Cons of IPS Screen for POS Hardware?

August 30, 2022

Usually, POS hardware manufacturers will use IPS screens to produce second displays, because IPS screens have a wide viewing angle, allowing customers to clearly see billing information at every position at the cashier. For example, the 10.1 inch IPS second display launched by Sunany in 2021 has received unanimous praise from resellers

Pros of IPS screen

1. Wide viewing angle
IPS screen offers wider viewing angle than most other screens, including twisted nematic (TN). The viewing angle is the maximum angle from which you can see the images produced by a display. With a wide viewing angle, you sit or stand to the side of an IPS screen.

2. No touch-based distortion
IPS screen is not susceptible to touch-based distortion. even if you touch the screen, it won’t succumb to distortion.

3. Excellent Color
IPS screen offers excellent color, resulting in higher-quality images.
Actually, it has been designed to solve the poor color reproduction of TN screens.

Cons of IPS screen

1. Increased power consumption
IPS screen consumes more power than TN screen.
While they don’t consume a substantial amount of power, in fact, most IPS screens consume more power than TN screens, because they require backlighting, which will inevitably consume power.

2, Long Response Time
In addition to consuming power, most IPS screens have a longer response time than TN screens. Response time is the time that it takes a display to change its colors, then the colors make up the images.



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