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What does Industrial PDA mean and what is a Industrial PDA?

December 31, 2015

Industrial PDA (Personal Digital Assistant), also called palmtop, it can help us in the mobile work, study, entertainment and so on. PDA areclassified by its use into industrial PDAs and consumer PDAs. Industrial PDAs are mainly used in the industrial field. Common PDA products are barcode scanner, RFID reader, Printers etc.

Industrial grade PDA included barcode scanner, RFID reader etc. Industrial PDA mainly feature is sturdy and durable, it can be used in the bad environment, at the same time, it has been optimized according to the characteristics for industrial use. Industrial PDA can support RFID reader and barcode scan function at the same time. It is equipped IP54, IP65, IP68 etc industrial grades, which are not available in consumer handheld terminals.

The operation system normally be Linux, Windows and Android. And because free Android system with diversified applications, gets more and more customer favored.

A modern industrial PDA with below functions:

Integrated WLAN (Wi-Fi) adaptors

Integrated 3G、4G adaptors

Integrated Bluetooth adaptors

Integrated microphone and speaker

Integrated Clear Camera

Big size LCD touch screen(4.0 inch /4.5 inch /5.0 inch/5.5 inch/5.7 inch/6.0 inch/6.5 inch /7.0 inch, )

An all in one industrial PDA with below functional options:

Built-in thermal printer/ Bluetooth thermal printer

NFC reader


Security PSAM

1D/2D barcode scanner



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