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What is a mobile POS (point-of-sale) system

March 1, 2018

What can a mobile POS system do beyond the cash register?

A mobile POS system is a smart point of sale platform that can help businesses in multiple areas. From accounting to marketing, a capable mobile POS system will help empower your business to succeed. The mobile POS can offer a different aspect to business that a conventional register can’ t.

1. Versatile movement

A mobile POS system can offer users the ability to easily travel while continuously using a register system. Whether you’re traveling through a store or the country, a mobile POS system can have you covered. With the simplicity and lightweight of tablets and software, it makes mobility a breeze.

2. Back-office

Mobile POS systems give merchants access to another essential feature that registers can’t offer, the back-office. In the back-office, users have the ability to check anything like sales, reports, operations, businesses, and etc. It’s a major upgrade from a traditional register which only serves as a transaction terminal.

3. Employee management

A POS system will allow your business to manage your employees on multiple levels. Features such as checking in/out, payroll, user access, and individual sales reports can be accessed. With a simple register, a merchant will require multiple systems to handle all of these tasks.

4. Marketing

A capable mobile POS system will also give merchants the ability to market straight from the platform. You can launch marketing campaigns and alert your loyal customers straight from devices like the iPad through the app. You can even market through smartphones such as the iPhone, something that isn’t capable from a register system.

5. Data analytics

With a mobile POS system, merchants are able to view and create reports of their data. The more capable mobile POS systems will grant you access to a flexible reporting system that allows you to create reports in segments ranging from hours, days, weeks, months, and even years. This is what really separates a mobile POS system from a register.

6. Inventory management

Businesses really have a hard time with accountability of their items and stock SKUs. With a mobile POS system, merchants and business owners will be able to properly organize and keep count of their inventory. You will be able to upload images that coordinate with the item. Most registers aren’t capable of doing this which makes mobile POS systems stand out even further.

7. Cloud access

The best part of a mobile POS system is the cloud access. Mobile POS systems can sync with multiple devices and essentially share all the data. Whether you work on one tablet or the other, you will have the same analytics as long as it’s synced. This also helps with mobility and accountability. Wherever you are in the world, you will have access to your business analytics at all times (as long as you have internet access). This truly helps define what a mobile POS system is and how it’s way more capable than a register system.

Once you make the jump from a register to a POS system, you will truly see the value in a mobile point of sale system.


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