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What is Barcode Scanner Resolution?

May 30, 2022

A barcode scanner is an optical scanner that can read printed barcodes, decode the data contained in the barcode and send the data to a POS system. It consists of a light source, a lens and a light sensor for translating optical impulses into electrical signals.

The Scanner Resolution is the minimum width of the narrowest bar of a barcode that a barcode scanner is able to read. It is often quantified in the unit of Mil (one thousandth of an inch). The resolution of barcode scanner could be determined from three aspects: optical part, hardware part and software part. That is to say the resolution of barcode scanner is equal to the resolution of its optics plus its own resolution through POS hardware and software processing and analysis.

The optical resolution is the actual number of spots that can be captured by the optical components of the scanner in an area of one square inch. It is the true resolution of the scanner. Its value is the number of pixels that can be captured by the photoelectric element divided by the maximum scan size of the scanner. The resolution of the extension is generated by a combination of POS hardware and software. This process is performed by the POS system analyzing the image and mathematically filling the blank.

How to choose the resolution of a barcode scanner depends on your actual usage. High resolution is not always the best, as it takes more cost. If you have any doubts about the barcode scanner, welcome to contact Sunany sales team.




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