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What is the effect of the cash register system on chain stores

April 10, 2013

The cash register system is indispensable for store management. However, the cash register system plays a role in chain stores. Today, Sunany took a fruit shop as an example for everyone to talk about the chain cash register system.

For the early stages of the development of fruit chain stores, since the amount of building warehouses has not been reached, their respective stores have managed and developed independently, and each store’s data members have not been universal. In the later stages of development, customers will continue to request store members to get through. Because of the increase in stores and users, the store’s sales data is also growing. Therefore, the establishment of distribution warehouse management, member data integration management, to help stores faster The need for regularization changes to achieve regular and rapid development of stores and headquarters is imminent.

Let’s take a look at the factory cash register system

1, using a dual-screen cash register with a cash register system, so that the store cash register, weighing, printing integration, rapid cash register, improve consumer satisfaction, but also save the artificial, fruit shop cash register system exclusive features.

2. A variety of payment methods. With the development of the Internet, fewer and fewer purses go out, mobile payment is becoming more and more popular, and Morigo’s cash register software integrates various payment methods (Alipay and WeChat payment).

3, inventory management, inventory transfer

Purchase purchase, return management; Support inventory count, quickly grasp the operation of the store; Flexible stock transfer, to avoid no product sales. The transfer of goods between the main store and the branch facilitates the management of inventory between stores and stores.

4. Not only is the membership between the store and the store open, but also the online and offline data exchange.

It’s not just the time to stay online to get users. Online users can also get direct access. Not only is the store business good, but online store’s enthusiasm for consumption is also very high. It needs to control online and offline order data at the same time; In a single time, offline stores are weighed in real time, and they can achieve more returns and less supplements.

Members’ bonus points can be consumed both online and offline. If the business of the store is deserted, but the online hotness is high, online orders can be used. The store can raise the queues and create more queuing for the stores.

5, strong member management, as a fruit chain with a certain amount of members how to effectively manage their own members? In the background of the factory cash register system, there are analysis modules for various members, such as the number of visits of members, consumption habits of members, etc. According to these consumption data, the clerk can be targeted when doing promotion.


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