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Why is a Button Battery Included in POS Machines?

August 18, 2023

Incorporated within POS machines is a button battery, serving the purpose of energizing the real-time clock (RTC) and upholding the device’s internal timekeeping and calendar operations. The RTC holds significant importance within the POS machine, as it meticulously records transaction timestamps and dates, playing a pivotal role in maintaining precise records and generating reports.

The utilization of the button battery is to sustain the RTC’s operation even during periods when the POS machine is powered off or disconnected. This facet is of paramount importance, as the loss of RTC power would hinder the POS machine’s ability to accurately log transaction times and dates. Such a scenario could potentially lead to inaccuracies or disparities in accounting and inventory management.

The POS machines opt for the CR2032 battery due to its widespread acceptance, given its prolonged lifespan and capability to furnish the modest power requirement essential for the RTC’s uninterrupted operation over several years. The battery’s longevity typically spans from 3 to 10 years, contingent on factors such as usage patterns and environmental conditions.

In instances where the battery within a POS machine approaches depletion, users might observe cautionary alerts or encounter performance anomalies. In general, it is judicious to substitute the POS machine’s battery every few years, guaranteeing the continual and precise operation of the POS machine.

Additionally, it’s noteworthy that the presence of the built-in button battery in the POS machine affects its classification for shipping purposes. When selecting a shipping method, the POS machine with the button battery is categorized as a live product, thereby incurring a higher shipping fee compared to ordinary goods. As a consequence, some customers choose to request Sunany to remove the button battery before shipping to mitigate shipping costs. While this is feasible, it’s important to acknowledge that reinstallation of the battery would be necessary, a task best handled by professionals with the requisite expertise.



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