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Why the Printed Barcode Cannot be Read

July 8, 2024

When using a barcode scanner to scan barcodes, we may encounter problems where the printed barcode cannot be recognized, which seriously affects smooth transactions and customer experience. The Sunany engineer mentioned that the barcode may be unrecognizable due to three main reasons: inappropriate printer print density settings, unreasonable barcode settings, and faults in the barcode printer or scanner. Below, Sunany will discuss these three reasons and their solutions in detail.

The readability of a barcode largely depends on its clarity and contrast. If the printed barcode is too light or too dark, the barcode scanner may not be able to correctly recognize it. To solve the problem, Sunany has equipped each unit’s thermal printer with a setting tool to adjust the print density, ensuring that the barcode printing effect is optimal.

Improper barcode aspect ratio settings and “quiet zone” settings can also cause the barcode to be unrecognizable. Generally, the barcode aspect ratio is set to 0 by default, meaning the software automatically adjusts this ratio according to specific printing conditions. If manual adjustment is needed, you can select the barcode in the software, and then drag the box on the edge of the barcode to change its size or adjust its height, width, and other parameters in the barcode setting options.

The blank areas on the left and right sides of the barcode, called “quiet zones,” need to be wide enough to ensure that the scanner can accurately identify and decode the barcode. For most barcode types, the width of the quiet zone should be at least 10 times the width of the narrowest strip in the barcode. Some special barcode types, such as some QR codes or barcodes used in specific application scenarios, may require a wider quiet zone.

Barcodes are a precise form of encoding, and each type has its specific proportion requirements. Any alteration in shape when creating barcodes can cause them to be unreadable. When encountering an unreadable situation, in addition to considering the problem of the barcode itself, we also need to check whether the scanner and barcode printer are faulty. Regular inspection, repair, or replacement to ensure smooth transactions.

In short, when encountering a printed barcode that cannot be read, please check the above solutions. If you still cannot solve the problem, please send your inquiry to the Sunany sales team, and we will be happy to assist you.


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